Envision Enclosures, LLC began with a "Vision" of an enclosure design to overcome a design deficiency found in almost all industrial enclosures found in the market today.  A major pharmaceutical company was searching for an In-Wall enclosure system that

did not have a void or gap

between its front access door and its enclosure body (flange).  This surfaces within the gap were nearly impossible to clean.  Concerns over insufficient cleaning and the possibility of unwanted microbial growth, lead to our Patent Pending design.

With over 20 years of technical sales experience, and a mechanical engineering background, our Vice President tackled the assignment.  In a very short time a confidential solution was presented.  The Pharmaceutical Company's engineers were on board from the start.

Our goal at Envision Enclosures is to build and supply the "Easiest to Clean" industrial enclosures ---  From the order date, through fabrication, delivery and installation, we take pride in our unequaled customer support.